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Huarui Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd , founded in 1996, has experienced a persistent growth from a small enterprise gradually into a large-sized Appliances company during a short time of more than 20 years. The Appliances has presently more than 2,000 employees and its subsidiary companies such as Huarui Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, Sunico Commutator Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Sunico Co.,

Huarui Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd has always dedicated to satisfy the customer demands for high quality, based on a precise enterprise management, strict production control, and the wholesome quality management systems ever since its establishment. Huarui Appliances has been successively accredited with many international system authentications and national honorary and promotional titles, and the certifications approved include ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. In addition, Huarui Appliances has been awarded the prizes and honors such as ZheJiang Brand, High-Tech enterprise,Ningbo Harmonious enterprise, Ningbo Safety production standardization enterprise, Ningbo Studying model enterprise, Ningbo patent example-setting enterprise.
Mr. Sun Ruiliang, Board Chairman, has always committed the enterprise to research and development of commutators and has formed technical team with capacities of research, development, design, and test integrated. Here, we apply the technologies for extrusion press of copper profiles and high-speed punch most advanced in the world, with the independent capacity for design of commutators, the capacities for development, design, and manufacture of moulds, and the capacities for development, design, and manufacture of special commutator processing equipment, and are able to design applicable products according to customer’s requirements for performances. At the same time, we own our laboratories here as well for test on the performance of commutator products and the related materials.

“Huarui” is growing during its development and strengthening itself during growth. Huarui Appliances has become a supplier and manufacturer of commutators famous both at home and abroad. Its products are sold to all parts of the world: Europe, America, and Southeast Asia (Japan and Korea, etc) as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other regions.
Huarui Appliances will insist on the enterprise guideline for “Being Based on Technological Innovation, Advocating Cooperative Progress, Building Leading Quality, and Winning Trust from Users All over the World”, in the spirit of “Credibility, Respect, Cooperation, and Innovation” proposed by Sun Ruiliang, our Board Chairman, and uphold the operation concept on “Share of Benefits”, to provide quality service for the manufacturers of motor vehicles and electric motors throughout the country and even in the entire world.
Today, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, the Huarui People are keeping a broad vision for taking aim at and keeping in view the new journey, and continue their composition of superb chapters based on wisdom and hard work!

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